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Are you fucking kidding me? Did we all just wake up in 1938?

Really seriously flabbergasted and concerned about this.

This is terrifying and very important.

Fuck. History’s fucking repeating itself.

You are fucking kidding me.

Actually, it’s not a fact at the moment; nobody is actually sure who distributed the flyer, as the separatists have actually denied their involvement.


Point is, don’t take this stuff as facts right off the bat. Do a little research first.

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The Book Thief is amazing holy shit

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lilyintheashes liked your post:okay i’m serious i’m going to do my rel

i already put you on you nerd

all of my pictures need to be 200x200 and your icons are massive

plus i’m trying to use faceclaims and i know you don’t have one

so blake lively has to do for now

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have you got any actors or something? i’m trying to use people rather than drawings tbh

it’s fine if you don’t though, it’s not that big of a deal

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is lana del rey your faceclaim for Ana??

because I need to use one in my relationships page—

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okay i’m serious i’m going to do my relationship page

does anybody want to be on because i’ve forgotten who does

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I’m an allegory. 

We’re all allegories in the end.

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"Your silence is a metaphor."

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